Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gucci Dont Drink Beer

Today was pretty good. There's something very therapeutic in the whirring and cla-clack sounds that a moving skateboard makes. These sounds have, at one point in my life, let me know that the fellow skateboarders on the block were out and skating. I've woken up to that noise in the morning, and I've heard boards growling down the street when most people are sleeping. I love the noise. I've never understood how people could just shut everything out by listening to their portables.

A couple new spots were discovered in somewhat old haunts, so I'm told. I like bringing once-skated-but-now-forgotten obstacles to life again. One spot that didn't require some TLC was certainly frost. Seems that some new heads have made it their own lately. More power too them. That spot is weird as spilled milk.

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