Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As much as I would like to be playing an NES game right now, I am unfortunately emulator-less while on this laptop. See, it's not an easy process to install and use the emulation program on a linux computer. Actually it's probably as easy as Rosie O'Donnell at her bisexual bridal shower but I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Might as well make a post to dust off the blog. Here are some quick skate suggestions to keep you healthy.

1. u see that curb there? that painted curb about 5 inches high that has a rounded, triangular edge reminiscent of pyramid heads eyebrows? DONT.

2. u think homie gave u det toothpick flag to be nice? he DIDNT. DONT.

3. bring lots of water

4. and a mcnugget of wax for post-winter renovations

Speaking of mcnuggets, KFC gives you 2 chicken filets if you ask for one. This is real.

Today was excellent based solely on skating in the rain. While my rain board is very primitive, it gets me what I'm looking for.

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