Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kerns Lives

Texas De Brazil's prestigious marble ledge has certainly laid dormant for the most of this year. Unfortunately for the few readers of this blog, I'm going to be lazy and inform you of the last time any of us successfully skated Kern's, the block long stretch of marble ledges, wherein the only problem is the sidewalk they rest upon being worse than a Randy Quaide movie. Refer to the first post involving digi-snacks of this spots last spring hurrah, before Dave Bing's favorite restaurant moved in (Mr. Mayor himself waved at one Mr. Sharba and a Mr. Pappas moments before one of his goons informed us that we were going to go to jail for skating the precious ledges, which lie on the sidewalk, not Texas De Brazil's property, but I digress). More recent attempts of skating there had been similar, with a waiter and a manager coming out and standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed, informing us that we would need to scrape the wax off the ledges, or just leave. However, these ledges are in fact skateable, if you have enough energy late at night. Footage coming soon. Also, there will be more updates coming more frequently, as White Bread is now affiliated with Twitter (@WhiteBreadSkate), and the two authors of this can post here from their phones as well.

Quote of the day - "Well, you wanna talk about some PS1 hoes?" - The Mayor while discussing Duke Nukem.

Location:The Mansion

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