Monday, October 10, 2011

Go out &

Go out and steal/buy a copy of Great Lakes Gnar from Plus or one of the other shops. Robert Gutowski's part deserves to be seen. There are a few things worth mentioning about this video.

- Gutowski had the best part

- Gutowski filmed 98% of his part in Detroit and didn't brag all over Facebook that he did so, let alone brag all over Facebook that he did so and it wasn't true.

- There is at least one Kerns clip featured in the video, however, it was not featured as a ledge, but actually as a platform to propel oneself into Woodward. This, while being 75% less cool than filming a line there, still deserves props because A) it's kerns during the day time B) skating that spot with it's bust factor while avoiding the insane traffic woodward has during the day and C) successfully doing all of this at once is kind of gnarly.

- Most of the Detroit footage is your standard Detroit footage. Take that how you want to.

- In response to the mindless zombie horde at the premiere, yes, I would rather die than "TRaP" more than I need to.

- Greg Trevino is officially the Alex Olson of MI, and was also the MVP of the pre-premiere rail/Hubba shitfest.

- Props go out to Shelby Jones, who was seen wearing halfcabs and trying a Stevie Williams trick (Hardflip back tail). The half cabs could in fact be a major turning point for Mr. Jones, as he may be following in Mr. Schendels shoes and purchasing things not found in the store formerly owned by Kevin Fleenor. One can only hope.

Special quote of the day from my girlfriends phone, involving a prominent downriver skateboarder's scent, one who has had a video part in the last three years. His name has been censored for his (your?) peace of mind.

Get it turkey boy.

Go out and skate.

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