Saturday, November 26, 2011

Labour of Love Premiere and Write-Up

As anyone reading this blog knows, we here at White Bread Skateboarding love keeping skateboarding in the streets. More specifically in the cities. There's just a certain quality of city skateboarding that cannot be replicated in such locales as Barcelona, Arizona, and Small Town USA. I'm not knocking any of those places because they all have amazing skate spots, but that's it. That's the issue here, they have skate spots.

A certain human asked me once where I was planning on skateboarding that day. When I replied, "Detroit", he asked, "What spot?". I had no answer for him, as most skateboarders around here are only concerned with cRaPping or dying, Hart Plaza, and Fort Rail. Also, these individuals are known for skating parks every day. They train. They train because they hope to one day make it in the contest circuit, to one day have their own shiny piece or Canadian maple with their name on it, their own message-board exploding Vans-knock off.

I'm almost certain the folks at Love Skateboards could care less about having a back yard training course for replicating American Gladiators on a skateboard. They don't necessarily skate spots, they skate cities. And that is the kind of skateboarding White Bread is all about. As much of a referenced individual for "Skating Cities" as Ricky Oyola is, this isn't necessarily the kind of skateboarding being performed in this 13 minute video. The kind of spots in the video aren't your every day Detroit spots. In fact, I'd be surprised if most of the spots making an appearance in the video were even searched out. They were more than likely stumbled upon, and quite often, those are the best kind of spots.

This video, edited by Mr. Jim Tumey, is a masterpiece. As more and more videos become HD-centered (I see you Ty), this video, in all of its VX glory, is a breath of fresh air. As most of the skateboarders in the world are watching Nyjah's part for the week that it is relevant (I'm almost certain I passed out during this), videos like Labour of Love are amazing in their simplicity. Go find a copy of this video immediately. I was told that it would be making its way onto YouTube eventually, but it's way better to watch it on a tv, preferably before you go skate with your friends. It's soundtrack also is a breath of fresh air, as it's been awhile since I heard a video without MGMT or other pseudo-indie bands polluting my eardrums. If you only read this next comparison, you'll understand how great this video is: it's Love's Cuban Linx. It's that good.

Labour of Love is a available at People Skate and Snow in keego harbor, which brings me hope for the future of vibe-free skates hops and general good vibes. It features friend of the blog Justin Bohl, Ben Schwandt, Isaac Watamaniuk, Joel Eatamaniuk (I'm sorry if you guys had your names butchered) and new-guy Ryan Keher, who I believe was on crutches at the premiere.

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