Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Predictions, part uno

Coming straight off the heels of our semi-successful Christmas Montage, here you go: part one of three of our 2012 predictions. This entry: trendy tricks of 2012.

Three Tricks You Will Be Seeing More of in 2012

-Nollie 360 Shoves (frontside and backside).
WBS' Favorite Boater and Earner of the ender in the Christmas Montage Tony Dresaj has been pulling these out of his bag in White Bread's all too serious games of skate since I first met him. However, that is not truly why this trick will be seen more in 2012 than in recent years; there has to be proof. In the most recent (at the time of publishing) Wolf Pack video, there is a Nollie 3 shove performed of the backside variety in a line. In Steve Regish's GLG, the guy with the first part executes a beautiful one of the frontside variety before performing a front tail Kickflip. It is only a matter of time before the 2007-2011 hey-day of the regular, backside 3-shove goes the way of the impossible before it, one relegated to making the rare occurrence in a last ditched attempt to garner a letter in a Game of Skate, but everyone knows all the 14 year olds can do that trick and you'd be better off doing a Heelflip, as only about 30% of the skate population can do straight heelflips every try. Scott Sharba, I'm looking at you.

Also, you know it's a trendy trick if someone who skates as rarely as Schendel performs it all the time.

- Frontside 180 No Complies Down Things
Yes yes, ever since Brian Anderson invented the No Comply in his 3-up 3-down line in Yeah Right (obviously one of the great skate videos to have influenced many of the skateboarders in this current generation, myself included) the no-comply has been seen as something to mainly spice up an otherwise too easily performed line. However, as seen in Ruff Ryderz 2 (review forthcoming) the (sometimes switch) 180 No Comply will be seen garnering a healthy amount of coverage in the next 12 months, and not just to spice up a line. Also, I predict another trend here, that of the use of the manual pad at Hart as a gap over the stairs (as seen in Labour of Love) or even up the fucking stairs and gap, which renders any new manual tricks shy of flip in, flip in the middle, flip out Fully Flared-esque maneuvers completely fucking pointless. Kudos Skutnick. Also, Chris Troy should be thanked for some of this inspiration, however he will of course be ignored by many in comparison to someone else who will do a frontside no comply down something, unfortunately for everyone's favorite Bigspinner.

-Backside Feebles on ledges
As anyone downriver knows, Elizabeth Park's Skate Park is a cesspool of I-pod headphones, wax, and cigarette butts. However it is also a barometer of trendiness, as it were. Hayden Conflitti has been performing perfect Backside Feebles there since about 2010, and the rest of Michigan skateboarding is just catching up. I have not yet seen Jeremy Coopers new video, however, if the Streets montage he recently made is a tell tale sign of what is to come, there will be many backside Feebles to come in 2012. Also, two people Feeble Fakie'd the Comerica ledge in Detroit in videos that came out about a month from each other, so you know someone will be inspired by it. I'm betting feeble Bigspin has gone down there, and someone is sitting on the footage.

Stay tuned for more predictions to come!

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