Sunday, December 18, 2011


I've been lurking SLAP for a little bit now, and there were a couple features done on the Detroit area. These "features" were really nothing more than a short slideshow of photos, most of which had nothing to do with skating in Detroit, life in Detroit, or skateboarding in general. There were, however, a few photos that I thought would transfer appropriately. These photos will not be presented in the order that they appeared. get over it.
Aight first up is this guy. At first glance, it almost appears as if boy's wearing a ski mask or some shit on his face. This clever accessory may be the only thing that allowed him to skate through Hart, in the day, without a stern lecturing. Not really sure why dude felt the need to get artsy with this Hart shot, but whatever. I'm down with just pushing around, too.
Here is the next puzzler. What is with this guy and Hart? Shiiiiiiit most the time I can't even walk into the basement without being followed by a fake jake. I really wonder how this guy got the pass to skate this. Bribery? The McRib? Either way, props on the trick cuz that rail is pretty high.

Ahhh this spot. I actually like this spot, despite that the ground is almost completely composed of goose feces. I haven't been there for a while, but I'm pretty sure the bench setup no longer looks anything as it does in this picture. Detroit's riverwalk is beautiful, and a positive sign of things to come as long as the money's right.

Last is this little shit. I am almost positive that the picture of the right is of the rollerblader-created slab spot that popped up a few summers ago, in it's pre-creted state. Can't say that rollerbladers haven't done anything for skateboarding, I guess.

In conclusion, I think it's strange that Joe Brook (dude who took the photos, all rights to him blah blah blah fuck you joe brook)took the time to do a photo essay thing on Detroit, and this is the best he could do. Was he trying to leave all the real spots shrouded in a mysterious mist, only to be seen and known by those who put in the time to search it out? Or is Mr. Brook another Hart plaza die-hard? I guess we'll never know, as he rarely visits.

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