Saturday, December 10, 2011

need sleep

i wanna talk about something very opinion-based tonite. everyone who reads this: i want to know what the coolest spot is that you have skated. good things to note are the location (you can be descriptive while being vague if you dont want to give anything away), time of day, people who were there, etc. basically just what made the thing so cool would also be a good thing to include. obviously i'll go first. by far the coolest thing ive ever skated was this section of a wooden fence propped up against a dumpster. it was almost right across the street from cahalans in wyandotte, just a few pushes from my parent's house. if i remember correctly, it was in the summer. a couple years ago. the sun had started to set, so the streetlights were on and glowing orange against a faint blue sky. me and ryan got a couple tall cans from the corner then saw this thing on the way back. it was pretty sketchy, because the thing had nothing to stabilize the middle. if memory serves correct, there were a couple broken boards here and there that were best avoided. highlights were ryans fred gall dropin, i believe a blunt to fakie, and my slaaaaaaaasher (fuck off). the thing was only there for that night, and nothing was ever done on it again. just another one of those temporary obstacles drifting past much like the condoms in the detroit. completely disposable.

so please, if anyone reads this other than myself, im interested in hearing some shit. email me and ill throw it up on here. wanna keep the name confidential? so be it.



"The year was 1995 zoo was just starting up. I went on road trip to NYC to move a girl to intern for NBC. I was skating the Brooklyn banks just like mike v and the world dudes. I decided to try to Ollie over gap and barrier. The landing was the off ramp from the Brooklyn bridge first and second attempts were land and fall third attempt Ollie land look up big as van like on who's the boss comes inches to me. Here's another ollieing from one semi to another at wolverine used Jp as a ladder. Gap was only a couple of feet but when you're twenty feet up shits gnarly. This was like 1999. Now in 04 Scott Jp and I had all of third and army to ourselves which was rad however skating the three up three down from the girl videos was rad. Those dudes tear that shot up it's a gnarly Ollie onto ledge and is at least a 15 ft grind before you have to pop out from three steps gnar. Hope this helps you" - Steve Durant

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