Friday, December 16, 2011

WBS: Make a Comeback

This is an open letter to our fallen brethren, those who's boards are sitting in their garage, or worse their trunk. They dust off their boards and go to Elizabeth Park once or twice a year, only to return to their days comprised of Modern Warfare 3. Only the good die young.

The best ones are the ones who quit, the ones who can not step on their boards for months, even years, and do amazing things that those of us who skate whenever we can only dream of. They're the ones who got us into skating, the ones who kept the stoke lit for awhile, only to watch the spark they lost continue to guide us though out the days ahead.

"You still skate?" is a common expression. The look you get when you reply is generally a look of stoke. They're hyped you're still at it. Whatever the excuse is, most seem to show a little regret that they've hung up the stunt wood. It's a bummer, really, but the fact is we continue where they left off. We still think about their presence while we're out shredding. We dedicate tricks to them and know what tricks they'd do at a newly discovered spot.

This is for you, Josh VanVliet, one who got my stoke fire relit after a year or two of skating solo.

This is for you, Caleb Lafreniere, for having quite possibly some of the best stock tricks in the downriver area.

This is for you, Nate Pustalka, who got me into skating and progressed faster than anyone I've ever met, and made his boards last longer than anyone.

This is for you, Joe Z, for I know for a fucking fact you did a switch backside flip on a hand me down board after not skating for years. In someone else's shoes.

This is for you, Jon Brown, who's continual presence is felt all over the Metro D Media clips littering YouTube, and who almost performed the trick heard round downriver on the site of the new Walmart (Nollie 3 back 5-0).

This is for you, Ben Socia, who is another one of the kids who step back on their board and kill it once in a while. I know you're out in ATL, but when you get back we'll have to skate.

This is for you, Adam Kutz, who got me into my favorite band and is one of the 20 people world wide to have varial flips on lock. Miss ya, bud.

This is for you, Steve Roth, one of the finest Elizabeth Park locals I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Switch tails on lock, a flat ground technician, and one of the most unlucky people I've ever skated with in Detroit. This Asian made his boards last longer than anyone, and would not talk throughout car rides. I'm sad to say that he has moved away, and no longer has a board in his possession. Running into him at HFCC was always a pleasure, and he was always quite the wizard when it came to leaving a session. A few minutes would go by before anyone realized he had left, often to return 5 minutes later with a bottle of water.

Whatever the reason is to not skate, they still think about it. They still look at Evan Hernandez as an up and comer in the game, and still highly regard Baker 3 as best new video. Wherever you are, gentlemen, I know you still think about your neglected skateboard. Pick it up some time.

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