Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Predictions Part Deus

2012 Predictions part deus

After seeing multiple YouTube videos of rappers Chris Brown and Souljah Boi skateboarding and the inevitability of everyone downriver who is well aware of skateboardings favorite accidental Hart Plaza pond hockey player skating with Le Petite Wayne, more and more skateboarders are attempting to either get their favorite trapper's favorite rapper into skateboarding. The predictions are below.

A video is realized featuring Young Jeezy, not only on the soundtrack but Jeezy himself actually skating. Jeezy's skating seems to be much like his rap career, as his first two video parts are completely insane, and full of obscenely difficult tricks on the most blown out of spots. Think Fakie hardflips down that big four in Atlanta that Biebel Nollie flipped (also to Jeezy) in all white Air Forces. However, just like his rap career, beginning with his third video part, he gets injured and begins to skate blown out cellar door spots, while Rick Ross Fakie hardflips said big four each year thereafter, eventually taking all of Jeezy's sponsors, leaving him with a Vox rep-flow sponsorship and a bad yayo problem.

The Mayor and Allen eventually convince Radric Davis to come skate Detroit for a weekend. Gucci inevitably ends up like most of the other people they skate with, and doesn't answer his phone the entire weekend he is in Detroit. Gucci is, however, seen tweeting about skateboarding, and much like his song, he only skates brand new boards. He then gives them away. Gucci however does make an appearance once throughout the weekend and discovers many "spots" that Detroit did not know existed, included up-ledges that lead directly into concrete walls.

Schendelini (see last post) ends up skating (in a definition that only Schendel himself would refer to as skating) with Aubrey Drake whateverhislastnameis. The two head up to Elizabeth for a few hours on the same day The Mayor and myself are in Detroit with Mr. Davis. Drake and Schendel text everyone in their phone about what tricks they learn and what bitches they may meet at the bar that coming evening. Ryan eventually introduces Drake to his "mooles" and eventually the two head home to finish the night with a game of Hot Shots Golf on PS2. The night would not end well for Ryan, who after confessing that he feels no temperature to Drake, is confused as his favorite rapper begins to put the moves on him. Schendel kicks Drake out of his basement lair and continues to watch the DVD menu of the Leonardo DiCaprio epic film "The Beach". Hell yeah, fuckin right.

See you in the streets.

Location:Schendels Basement Lair(TM)

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