Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crystal Donks

Forming a well-put-together post that is informative and remains interesting is slightly difficult.  Never one to shirk away a good challenge, I've decided to just put down a couple things swirling around in the jenkem pot, whether or not it makes sense or is interesting is no longer of my concern.

Firstly, this blog is just dormant.  Like that sneaky bitch volcano, Mt. Vesuveus, we will be back with a big bang.  Err...Babanga.  One could cite many reasons for being out of the limelight (were we ever in it?), such as injuries, weather, skate friends growing up and out of the rat lifestyle, etc.  Each reason would have truth to it.

Nevermind that.

New spots are popping up.  There's a problem, actually problems, with a spot boom in the winter.  The chances of getting to skate it without salt, snow, slush, ice, etc. presenting a problem are nil.  A certain one that comes to mind is the loading dock ledge recently built on Northline.  It was beautiful.  Perfect crisp edge.  With a dash of slick paint and a graded landing!  Yes, now that spot is protected by a fence, posted to keep people from jackassing into the loading dock, I suppose.  This is relatively painless when confronted with the other problem: knowing a good thing was out there that never got broken in and probably never will.

Can't wait to see what pops up at E-park this year.  Or better yet, I cant wait to see the transplant obstacles.  you know... skate shit that will disappear and reappear and disappear again the next week.  This makes me wonder if people were influenced by Tompkins obstacles dipping in and out at random. What the fuck is happening with that stuff?  Isn't that like stealing books from the library that you can check out for free?

QS trendwatches, as of late, have become startlingly accurate in  their predictions.  Today i saw no less than 5 people with skimask-type-masks (haha) on a drive that lasted 5 minutes.   That's an average of a mask per minute.  Crazy.

I often wonder how big name skateboarders gain blue collar acceptance amongst the average skateboarder.  Or does the average skateboarder accept them off the bat?

                                                                                 -The Mayor

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