Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recent media roundup

Seen here is Allen counting the money made off of betting that Reed couldn't do a trick he claimed.


Above is the youtube link to the second video in Robert Gutowski's Easter Bread Money series. Can two videos constitute a series? Inquiring minds want to know. This should be a good one. Also check out the other videos on his channel. My dude has good taste.


This link is a montage thrown together by friend of the blog Joey Martinez. The absence of trap/wavy/trill rap may not necessarily be a downfall. Enjoy the fruits of one day of skating in beautiful dystopian Detroit. Filmed primarily and edited by Joey Martinez. Check Allen's 'line' with the pressure backside flip. #trendwatch2013?


Finally, linked here is a video thrown together by the Boner Thugs crew. Real recognize real. Big ups to all of those dudes. Features Detroit's last white mayor and the footage of Allen's 5050 performed on the windowsill of a two story drop (doing tricks on obstacles with a decidedly higher ratio of the probability of death is the new "Dude, that spot is way harder to skate than it looks on film/in photos/in person." Definitely #trendwatch2013). Photo below by Nick Williams (Instagram/@nicholasewilliams. Follow him. His photos are pretty much the equivalent of a downriver Bill Strobeck, albeit with much less Pappalardo.

Follow the lack of progress on our next video project ('project' is such an upriver term) 'Babanga' on Instagram at @babanga. I hope you read that as at at.

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