Monday, September 30, 2013

Help Save The Streets

This week, an unfortunate situation has developed involving the only skateboarder owned skatepark in the area. The Streets Skatepark, in Westland, Michigan, is going through some serious tough times, and may not be open for the seasons we need it open the most.

One of the common themes that I've noticed with doing these interviews over the past few weeks is that many skateboarders feel that they cannot repay the debt they have in regards to what skateboarding has given them. It's time to try to repay that debt.

Evan Hutchings is a good dude, a great skateboarder, and above all, a humanitarian. He opened the park so that we could all have a great park to skate that is warm and has options for every kind of skateboarder there is. He has given back to the skateboard community by sacrificing his own time and money by enabling us to feed our addiction when otherwise, Mother Nature would win. He has given artists venues to display their work on the walls if the park, enabled bands to play, and hosted many events and video premieres over the last few years. It's time skateboarders do what they can in order to repay the metaphorical debt that we have as skateboarders with Evan and The Streets. Let's repay that debt.

There is a contest in order to benefit the park on October 6th.

I am sure there will be more fund raisers for The Streets, and this blog will contain information in regards to how to help raise those funds when the time comes. In the meantime, go do what you can to make sure The Streets stays open when we need it the most. Go skate there, give Evan double the session fee, give him your parking meter money, and be ready at the drop of a hat for the fund raisers. As someone who hates crowds and gatherings and can always find an excuse not to go, you have no excuse. Evan would do the same for you.

The Streets Skatepark is located at 39048 Webb Dr., inWestland Michigan.

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