Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post Daewon Interview Bull

Obviously, I somehow got the chance to interview Daewon Song about his 2012 trip to Detroit. If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out, go do that. It's literally right there. Thanks go out to Instagram and Daewon himself, for allowing a Downriver kid in an ankle cast a chance to interview a skateboarder he idolized growing up. This idolization, especially during his Deca/Artafact/picnic table phase may have eventually lead to my ill-fated attempt at the haircut that people on the Internet refer to as 'The Driver'. Note to self : next time you attempt to fade your haircut, Allen, make sure you have enough hair. Otherwise, you'll end up looking Chaldean, or Daewon mid-noseblunt, but with glasses, a chain smoking and insane caffeine addiction and overweight.
ANYWAYS, I know I made a post about a few of these things, but, I'm going to condense them and add to them, in the hopes of possibly getting the word out a little bit more.

1--- Video Interviews
As all three of the readers of this blog know, White Bread has been interviewing some of the local skateboarders. Originally, I wanted Reed to have a print interview. He's my best friend and one of my favorite skateboarders, regardless of his inability to know if he actually went of the hydrant he thinks he went over. However, when I asked him to sit down and respond to the same questions I asked everyone else, he decided that it would be more interesting, and at least funny, if he got drunk and answered different, Mayoral specific questions in a video interview. Part one of that interview is embedded below. Topics covered include such pressing questions as our 15 megabytes of fame, questionable raver-centric drugs, Ryan Schendel stories, and more.

WBS Video Interview: Reed Morris Pt. 1 of 2 from Allen Dillard on Vimeo.

A few of my friends expressed that they wanted me to do the same sort of interview that I did with them, and while I wanted to, I felt very similar about writing answers to myself that one of the people I reached out to did : it just felt very strange, especially the whole writing an introduction about the interviewee, being myself. I definitely didn't write out "I've known Allen for 23 years, and he's the bees knees." So, The Mayor decided that I should do the same sort of interview that he did. I originally intended on doing it sober, but after concluding filming his interview, sitting down and looking into a camera while trying not to acknowledge it's existence and being nonchalant seemed terrifying. So, after downing three beers and smoking about six-seven American Spirits, I sat down in The Mayors lazy boy, grabbed my thigh for dear life, and answered some of The Mayors questions, including questions about my trip to Chicago, skating on chemicals slightly removed from speed, and Ryan Gosling. Part one embedded below.

2--- Babanga Promo
The Whitebread Crew has been working on a video follow up to Secret Society, and by that I mean it's been very organic, and we really never stopped filming. That statement sounds really corny, but its true. Original statements had been made that the video would come out at the end of 2014, but, upon being off of my board and forced to do nothing but sharpie ugly-colored sale shoes black and capture the 50 or so DV tapes filled with footage, it has become more and more obvious to those involved that the video is readier than expected (readier in the same way that Orwell penned "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"). So, a projected release date would have to be sometime during the summer months. People having parts include Adam Howard, John Alley, Brad Smith, Allen Dillard, Ryan Schendel, Reed Morris, Hayden Conflitti, Mike Hale, Ivan Afanasyev, and Caleb Lafreniere. The online promo is embedded below. Word up to the god John Carpenter and Kurt Russell.

WhiteBreadSkateboarding : Babanga Promo from Allen Dillard on Vimeo.

3--- Throwback Tapes Episode One
In an attempt to stay sane, and happening as a happy accident that came with capturing double digit amounts of miniDV tapes, I accidentally captured a tape of footage that ended up in the Sewer and Christmas 2011 montages. I edited out some of the less interesting footage for ease of the eye. Call it a rip off of those French Fred clips on the Thrasher site, it's a little behind the scenes glimpse of what we were up to at around this time two years ago, or during 'The Winter That Never Came'. It's embedded below and there will hopefully be more of them if I ever get my capture camera from the good homie John Alley.

WBS Throwback Tapes Episode 1 : Winter '11 from Allen Dillard on Vimeo.

4--- Recess
Last and definitely not least, Cory Hagelstein's very first skate video is premiering at Refuge Skate Shop (24334 Michigan Ave., Dearborn MI) this Saturday, January 25th at 6pm. If you can make it out there, you should. The video will include video parts from Adam Howard, Joey Martinez, Scott Bankey, Ivan Afanasyev, Jared Howell and also a very Jamie Thomas-like Allen Dillard part (me and my friends used to joke that Jamie Tomas grows and shaves his hair every other day). Expect nothing but one of the raddest videos to come out of the downriver area (and an Ivan part). Copies of the video will be for sale at the premiere for $5, which is less than a pack of cigarettes. Show up, buy the video (read: donate your five bucks to the Cory Hagelstein needs a vacation foundation), skip my part, and have a good time. Premiere information promo link below.

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