Friday, June 17, 2011

... oil my chrome cause i got murder in my blood

So I met Chromey (sp?). When I was first thinking of this entry, I was gonna do a clever write up about the stuff that homeboy said in the 1+ hour period that I shared with him up at Elizabeth. I thought about telling the story about how he got punched by not one, but two girls, yet still had the notion that they liked his company. No, words cannot describe the experience of "Chromey". It's just going to be something you have to live.

Craziness aside, couch-time is leading to new spot discoveries. Can't say that being injured is always a bad thing. Especially with one that permits you to skate, albeit more cautiously. Also, I know that the stoke is definitely increased after a lengthy period off the board.

I'm really looking forward to these next couple months.

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