Friday, July 22, 2011

no more trying

Things happen in peculiar ways sometimes. The city has been stealing all of my time lately, and I believe the toll has been taken. I am absolutely broke. It's very easy to blow through savings when all you're doing is skating everyday. Very easy to buy Wendy's crispy chicken sandwiches every day, and the total dollar amount to add up to more than expected. Yes, one could say I have been pissing away my dollars, and given the last couple weeks that could even be said literally. As assumed, the life of a skate bum is amazing. The fun I have is unrivaled, and the responsibilities limited. However, reality has a way of catching up to us all, and taking a hefty bite out of one's ass once caught. My morale seems to be taking the biggest hit. Sucks not having funds to really put to use in a positive way other than sustenance. Sucks not looking good on paper. All I know is I can take a look at the bottom of my board, see every knick and scratch, and know that each one represents a fond memory of a warm breeze, melted creamsicle skies, and pushing my 24 year old lungs to catch another breath of air. All of today was spent hanging with the seed and applying to jobs that couldn't care less about who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. It's fun to follow your dreams, yet an agony to wake up from them.

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