Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall 2011 Montage

Reed Morris, Brad Smith, Ryan Schendel, Scott Sharba, Allen Dillard, Kenny Diehl, Jimmy Lester, Zack White, Matt Bentley.

Filmed by Allen Dillard, Reed Morris, Ryan Schendel

Due to the fact that this post and montage has fallen on the holiday we all know as Thanksgiving, as cliche as it is, I'd like to list the people, places, and things I'm thankful for.

People who skateboard as opposed to skateboarders.
The Grinch of The Wallride Spot, because I think if we were able to skate there without being kicked out, I'd be there right now.
The architectural genius of the Kerns block (Mr. Sharba?)
The City of Detroit
The Hero of Campus Martius for getting a railing to protect a railing to protect the marble.
Matt Bentley, for getting the best footage and then taking a month (plus?) long break. This is the Tom Penny.
Any street person who has put a smile on my face. Seriously, you're some of the last free spirits on the earth.

Also, I'd like to send a special shout out to my homie Mark from Degenerate Skateboards, which is as of recently, closing down. Degenerate did a lot for the Melvindale scene in getting a park built within the first three years of it being open (which therefore killed Mile Hale's street skating desires. I see you, mike.). Also, it gave me a place to shoot the shit, grip a board, and Mark had even opened the shop after hours during the Aight Chill days if someone broke a board late in the day and wanted to keep skating, which means a lot to everyone. Also, I have a great deal of respect for Degenerate for premiering the video I made last year around this time. Its one of those memories that will last forever. Thank you, Degenerate, for the memories.


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