Saturday, November 12, 2011


We here at white bread are really good at eyeing out spots. We're even better at telling other people to do tricks we wish we could do on said spots. Whether its one of those things you spy and instantly say "Someone could do this" or the ever popular "I could do this, just not today", we all do it. We all claim things for our selves and others. Whether we mean to or not we all say some pretty outlandish things that we/someone could do, even of they aren't that outlandish.

One of these things has been done courtesy of Mr. Ben Schwandt, as seen in this promo for what could be one of the best Detroit area videos lately. Also, friend of the blog Mr. Justin Bohl has footage in this, and perhaps even a full part. That makes it all better.

Also, The Nollie Back Noseblunt gives me less reason to ever return to Brewster.

Finally, to conclude this write up which has already taken longer to type than it did to watch the promo, I must applaud the editing. It's very rare that a video comes out in this area that gives me hope for the next generation to look up to and get hyped off of. This video just reeks of Josh Stweart influence, but not in a bad way. It's much easier to edit a video to Gucci Mane than it is to The Kinks (everyone please stop using songs off of Village Green. Skateboarding will thank you.) or some band in that vein, and although I love Mr. La-Flare, skateboarding needs more videos like what I imagine Labour of Love to be and less Shake Junt influenced skateboarding. Bottom line, more Detroit, less National City.

Go see this now. Also, buy a Love deck. If you like real skateboards (read: not deluxe, not that there's anything wrong with that) you'll love them.

Love guys I'll take a deck for the write up, thanks.


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