Thursday, November 10, 2011


As Wayne County Community College's Detroit campus gets an unexpected renovation, one can only wonder just what exactly everyone's (read: not the blog's) favorite 30 second bust spot (without a generator) is going to look like whenever they finish whatever it is they're doing to it. More spots? More security ready to warn you while you're skating across the street to not come to the other side? More walls for a young Schendel to Ollie over? Whatever it is, the rails are still there, still un-capped, and are still being back tailed once a year.

However Renaud probably did it first.

Expect a new montage SOON. It might have to double as this blogs first ever Christmas montage, though. Regardless of budget camera situations (my 2nd GL2 Is out on vacation) It'll be a good one, and it will be out before the last year were alive.

Back to work.


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