Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WBS PRESENTS: A fall in review

Fall in review!
Note: for all intents and purposes it should be duly noted that fall starts in September and is still going on.

10. Allen Dillard quits smoking, subsequently starts smoking again
In a move surprising to anyone around him in the past years, Allen suddenly quit smoking cigarettes in the middle of the summer. He then started again near the end of fall. This move can almost certainly be traced back to the gold star's unfaltering atmosphere, Vegas' loosys, and skating with Matt Bentley and Ryan Schendel more and more. Mr Dillard maintains the world will again be blessed with a nicotine free Allen.

9. Ryan Schendels foot injury mysteriously vanishes
In a move heavily awaited since early summer, Ryans injured foot mysteriously received a senzu bean like recovery. The move back to the board was seen as not happening for a long time, regardless of misleading forays into driveway rotational flip tricks prior to nights of debauchery.

8. Ryan Schendel views the blog for quite possibly the first time, asks where's the footage, leaves the curators of the blog scratching their heads.

7. The Mayor ends a line with the switch front shove Fakie flip combo, subsequent lines have been referred to as "obsolete"

6. Great Lake Gnar drops, Schendel ponders the Thank Yous section more than the rest of the video, barring Gutowski

5. The Wallride spot returns to the throne of the most skated spot in the city, much to the chagrin of The Grinch.

5.5 Allen Dillard films a line while arguing with The Grinch.

4. Concerns arise over the ethical treatment of buildings after the Owner of Jazz Cafe's wife informs two of this Blogs more prominent figured that they are in fact "hurting the building." EMS was called to aide the building, they were however unable to do anything but pain management as skateboarders continued to skate it. Rumors arose that Jazz Cafe has successfully switched from morphine to methadone.

3. Ryan Schendel calls Allen while the latter is on break to ask how to do manuals in skate. This is seen as a milestone in Schendels life, due to Ryans most high tech gadget is in fact his Dreamcast.

2. This Blog gets sponsored by Meijer. In a move unforseen by stock panelists, this blog is currently sponsored by Meijer, as three of the blogs mainstays are currently employed by the corporation

1. Allen Dillard theorizes that Reed Morris' 'hands-up-back-away-from-whatever-I'm-skating' defense strategy is akin to asking a 'street-person' (thank you Justin Bohl for that term) if they smoked Newport reds. This theory is then put into action and proven instantly. This could be the quickest turnover rate the scientific method has ever seen, from hypothesis-theory-result.

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