Friday, February 3, 2012

An Uncle Freddy Story, As Told By O'Connor

(The habitat team is on a trip in their very rustic tour van.)

I remember Fred was in there with us and he’s talking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone when they start getting into a fight. All of a sudden, Fred goes, “Yeah, man… I just can’t be fucking dealing with this stuff right now. I’m in a van full of sweaty dudes! Yo, I can’t be talking no relationship shit. Fuck a relationship.” This is already funny but then he screams into the phone, “And fuck school, for that matter!” A statement that had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation up to that point. Screaming out, “Fuck school, for that matter!” as evidently the end of the conversation and hanging up the phone... I had no choice but to start cracking up.

Fred just looks at me and says, “I knew you’d like that one, Tim. Alright.”

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