Friday, February 10, 2012

Pullin the tech out the dresser, Kerns got me under pressure

As any frequenter of this blog nah or may not have noticed, there has been a serious dry spell of any content. This is, of course, because we've been riding around and gettin it. The spring pre-season preview all of the metro area has experienced up until today can be seen as a blessing to those of us who DON'T reside indoors unless absolutely necessary. The recent early thaw has unearthed a few new spots in some less explored haunts (I see you). However, every night, as the city slowly unthawed slower than the rest of the Earth, Kerns was an every night check up to see if it was good to go. So of course, the first night it was, we skated it, with terrible results. The city has, for quite possibly the first time in awhile, not experienced a four month dry spell (from our crew at least), and they seem to be getting fed up. We're getting kicked out of spots that aren't spots. If Metal Gear taught us anything, expect a lot of Kerns footage in cardboard boxes.


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