Sunday, February 12, 2012

"You have good arms."

This is a list of a few random facts I noticed this weekend:

- while under the influence of certain morally objectionable substances (I see you quartersnacks) The Great Exhalted Schendelini draws conclusions between himself and Raekwon the Chef. It should be noted that Raekwon hasn't really done much of anything of note besides random mixtapes this decade... And neither has Ryan. Zing!

- Everyone snaked Scott Sharba while skating the mini bowl. Everyone. Especially Ian Rye.

- We all rewatched Aight Chill while intoxicated, and the general consensus of the film floated around "Ryan sucks", "Allen edited that so good", "Allen fucked that up", and "Scott you have good arms."

- Jordan Pappas declined a free two hour session at White Breads favorite indoor park two nights in a row due to his shins hurting.

- Jeremy Coopers new flick premiered the other night. A review will be forth coming, and it won't be like the BARS review I promised.

- In a previous post I mentioned a forth coming batch of throwaway footage from me and The Mayor (who's mansion just so happens to sit on forty acres). I have not even begun to start working on it. Fuck off.

- Massimo Cavedoni is one of the 12.5 interesting (to me) west coast skateboarders. The rest of the list contains names like Evan Schiefelbine. Go figure.

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