Monday, February 20, 2012

Really bad live, good to edit a part to: The Spazzatura Review

So, the very first premiere I ever went to was for Jeremy Cooper's first video, 'Ain't Nothin Better', at Refuge. I distinctly recall watching Jalens part, and then later, Adam Howard's part, and realizing that I had a lot of work to do if anyone was gonna care about a video afterwards.

This video came out about 2-3 years later, and contains some of the same people, mainly Reid Madsen (i before e unless you're Reid) and Adam Howard. It is basically better than the first video he produced, which is not to say that ANB was bad.

Reid's part is insane. Say what you want about the arms, because the kids is about as tech as it gets. Please though, guys, let's stop skating that bank by Bridge Spot (the city helped us in that aspect). How Reid did his ender in Dearborn is beyond me.

I was expecting more from Hebert, I'll say it. We here at White Bread all enjoyed his little grips of footage in the Wolf Pack videos, and I was expecting more. The body varial trick is all that needs to be said. However, it looks like he had the most fun out of anyone in the flick. Expect weird tricks.

Risner is the quintessential Riley local and may have done the most beautiful non-Bentley/Sharba/Krok bro. Heelflip in recent memory.

I became a fan of Dom's after his front board in the friends section of RR2, and his part doesn't really slack at all. Gnarly shit throughout. His trick at the end of the credits had my jaw on the floor on my Cats, ruining the vibram sole. Good job.

Scott Hartzel's part... It's weird seeing someone skate to bay area rap if they're from MI. Also, most of the good Andre Nickitina songs have been used. Good skating though, if you like that kinda shit. I still prefer Matt.

Adam Howard had the best part in the video and could be responsible for a burgeoning resurgence of varial flips this year. Blame him. Also he skated to Tame Impala, a band I saw live and absolutely hated, however upon being used in a video with the sounds of a studio to help him, it works. Very well. Heavy amounts of Detroit footage (possibly the most in the video), and his last trick might be the gnarliest thing that spot has seen in a minute. The kid just had a part come out last year and has a good amount of footage, enough to earn last part. Also, there seems to be a lesser amount of the Adam Howard Hop in this part.

Go buy the video from one of the shops selling it, and don't follow the videos advice in the extras, because you'll see some Jalen footage, Neck-Beard Best Buy lines, and a hilarious-because-it-isn't-you-bail from Fastforlife12.

I'm late for class.

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