Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yes, we, like everyone else on the planet Earth, are making a video. However, it seems to me that most (read: not all) skate videos now-a-days are like junk food. They taste good for a moment, but are quickly thrown away and forgotten, until the main course occurs, and we all tuck our napkins into our shirts and use our forks and knives. This video should be the type of video that is eaten with a fork and a knife, perhaps with a salad fork nestled nearby.

Of course these ideals are subjective, but, for real, when was the last time any of you watched a recent skate video? The videos rotating around my DVD player are Welcome to MIA, Mind Field, Mosaic, Shredheads, and Labour of Love. Every other video, well, kind of sucks in my eyes. They don't necessarily have a re-playability value to them. "Oh, so and so did a noseblunt to front blunt to back tail on the same ledge to some electro pop behind a CVS in the midwest? Sick. Oh, a line with a flat ground nollie flip and a 35 stair 5050 by some kid with painted on jeans? Sick. Online video part edited to Lil Wayne? Sick. ANY part edited to Lil Wayne? Siiiiick, bruh." I don't give a shit unless it's interesting. Whether it be tricks that people don't really do too much or simple shit, if it makes you wanna go skate, sick! If you'd prefer to watch disgusting Fully Flared combo tricks that can only be performed when your special meter is up, go play THPS (or watch Schendels part.)

This video might suck but at least it won't cost anything.

Enjoy the promo embedded below, thank you.

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