Monday, March 5, 2012

Big brother got they eye on me, I watch how I'm speakin'

I have angered the used-to-skate gods with my thoughts on pressing issues like skateboarding. These matters only become an issue when one forgets that such feelings on who sucks or who rips is subjective. You might be down for someone's part, and I might hate it.

Fair enough, right?

It's kind of like music, being that certain things might sound horrible to one person, but sound soothing and calming to anyone else.

Fair enough, right?

When you're around your friends and you play a CD... For the sake of argument let's say its a dubstep CD (note for all those who will get their panties in a bunch: this is used because it is a polarizing genre of music. You either love it or you hate it.).

So you put on this dubstep CD and there you are, just... Dubsteppin all over the damn place. But your friends, they're not feeling it. Are they gonna listen to your music cranked up to 11 or are they gonna explain to you "Hey man, this sucks. Can we please listen to something else?"

Obviously, certain individuals would bite their tongue off before "outlining things the didn't like" (including dubstep!).

Clearly, some of the people I used to consider friends don't recall "straight hating on" things all the time. These statements, more or less, can be heard behind the YouTube screens and on the well-worn couches of the skateshops across America. These places are the soap boxes of our time. Look anywhere on the Internet for them, they're there. Where people can say what they want.

Read the comments of any YouTube video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Finally, I'd like to point something out. The greatness about ANY blog is that you can talk about things you like, and things you don't like. And generally the blogs posts that are "straight hatin'" on things are written by me, not the blog's actual curator. So before statements about "Allen's blog" begin to abound, remember it isn't my blog. I just do the audio/video portion of it, and I write a lot for it.

Or I should say I wrote for it. I've just been handed a telegram stating that a lot of people hate how I think. How everyone thinks its my blog. How everyone says I give out this message of being too core. I'm done writing for this blog, because it's hurting the blog's 'mainstream appeal'. I mean, how can we go to the TRaP if we keep dropping "subliminal blows" at them? Oh right, we don't. I'm done dealing with stupid statements from people who's opinions used to matter to me. Enjoy your fantasy world everyone, the one where everyone loves everything and everyone.

I'll still handling the video, but when it comes down to it, I'm done saying what I think. It just causes too much trouble.

But before I go:
-No, I don't like Transitions. The park has no flow, it is dirty, it's populated by little kids who don't know what they're doing. Doesn't mean you cant
-No, I don't like Lil Wayne as a skater, rapper, or 'human'. Doesn't mean you have to agree with me.
-Yes, I have an opinion.

I'm done saying what I feel because apparently no one else downriver feels the same way about skateboarding.

Goodnight, good luck and see you in the streets.

-Allen William Dillard.

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