Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who's gon' Take The weighT

"Quack quack, motha fucka I'm back." - Rapper Papa Duck's first bar in his featured verse in the Gucci Mane track 'Cocaine Money'.

IT has become quickly apparenT ThaT I cannoT handle not posTing on This blog projecT. AT leasT one individual, Mr. Schendel, has sTaTed his apparenT disapproval of my self appoinTed hiaTus from this pen and pad, as, in his words, "You're wiTTy and shiT."

In The same song I quoTed above, Radric Davis states FOUR goddamn Times in The hook that 'The fuck boys haTe me buT The dope boys like me.'
ThaT has been my menTaliTy all along with my porTion of The posTs I wriTe on WhiTeBread, and if ThaT means alienaTing a porTion of The readers of The blog, Then ThaT is Their problem. The quesTion I propose To This porTion of all five of The readers is as follows: if you wenT To The movies, and you decided you jusT paid $10.59 for admission To a movie ThaT you don'T enjoy, would you conTinue To waTch The movie? Or would you simply decide to dip The fuck ouT of The TheaTer and do someThing beTTer wiTh your Time?

Spoiler alerT, if you answered yes before making iT To The second senTence, you're living The worsT kind of life, The kind wherein you cannoT conTrol your own ThoughTs, acTions, or opinions... And, spoiler alerT, you cannoT conTrol anyone else's, either. My opinion on someone's skateboarding, their acTions in This world, or their opinions on me should noT be such a huge issue on Their lives. If There is whack shiT, I will no longer be biTing my Tongue as I have before I was asked to wriTe for This blog. I believe iT may have been The oTher way around, however, where I was begging The Mayor for The privilege To wriTe my ThoughTs down on inTerneT paper. I sTill consider myself lucky to have ever been able To be apart of This blog To This day, as I enjoy working wiTh like-minded individuals, in This case, The Mayor.

I'm able To passive aggressively posT my ThougTs on currenT maTTers imporTanT To The so-called silenT minoriTy of The meTro DeTroiT skaTeboarders. I feel ThaT There has To be some oTher skaTeboarders out There who hold similar values ouT There, and if There are any of you reading This very blog ouT There, please, make yourself known. I'm losing hope in The fuTure of MeTro DeTroit Michigan skaTeboarding, or at leasT, The populaTion of Them ThaT are around nowadays.

This winTer, This area of Michigan had one of The most mild winTers I can recall in my TwenTy one years on This rock. And whaT did the majoriTy of skaTeboarders I know of choose To do wiTh ThaT amazingly warm winTer weaTher? EiTher choose noT to skaTe much, indoor OR ouTdoor, or dedicaTe enTire videos to skaTeboarding indoors, while This SilenT MinoriTy were ouTside, Taking The Term 'warm up spoT' To mean a spoT shielded of The sub-arcTic winds blowing in from Windsor. These individuals noT only had the gall To markeT an enTire video based off ignoring The facT ThaT it was 40 degrees farenheiT in goddamn January, buT one of The individuals involved in This producTion had The nerve To sTaTe ThaT he was, in facT, 'proud of how far Michigan SkaTeboarding has come.' whaT. The. Fuck.

The only Thing ThaT This video and any video in The same vein will ever do for Michigan skaTeboarding is seT iT back years. This previous sTaTemenT was echoed years earlier by a lurker aT a shop who remarked 'This parT seT skaTeboarding back a few years', abouT an individuals sTreeT skaTing. Now, aT The Time, I was sTill in ThaT mindseT ThaT if you can do an incredibly hard Trick,Then damniT, you should. However, years laTer, upon reflecTing abouT The parT in quesTion, I feel The exacT same way.

The only Time I advocaTe skaTing indoors is if The TemperaTure has dropped below 25 degrees ouTside. MosT of you began skaTeboarding aT a younger age, like I did. I remember specifically The daTe I goT my firsT board, December 20th, 2003. IT became imperaTive ThaT I skaTe as much as possible, even if ThaT meanT shoveling snow at 9am so I'd be able To roll around my backyard afTer lunch. I'm sure many of you have similar memories, those days you had To wear Two hoodies and some gloves To geT your nexT fix. AT whaT age did we deparT from This ideology? AT whaT poinT did the means To ThaT nexT fix change from 'Anywhere, as long as I have my friends wiTh me' To 'anywhere indoor' in The winTer? Then again, arguably The mosT popular websiTe dedicaTed To skaTeboarding is specifically To show The world ThaT Those skaTeboarders who we looked up To as children, choose To skaTe indoors, on brighT, sunny days in SouThern California, the kind of days Those of us like minded individuals would sTrangle a loved one for four monThs ouT of The year.

Id like To applaud like minded individuals everywhere, Those who decide To dedicaTe Their lives to beTTering The skaTe scene around us year afTer year. Thank you, besT filmer in The DeTroiT area, for planning someThing ThaT could Turn The Tide To The lighT side.

WhaT have you done for your ciTy?

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