Monday, April 9, 2012

Toadally Not Easter

It happens occasionally. normally when I'm watching a DeNiro or Tarantino movie, but also when I go outside at work for my break. The thing I am speaking of, ladies and gentlemen, is the craving for a cigarette.

Never in my adolescent years would I picture myself thinking a cigarette smells good. I was always taught that they were tubes of death; an ideal that would take root and hold firm until my later teenage years. Yet here I am, a non-smoker, making a blog post about how I sometimes want to bum a cigarette off of the nearest person. Not only that, but slap their nicotene-yellowed hand a hi-5 (knowing Michaelangelo of TMNT fame would do that).

The point of this all? I don't smoke cigarettes. I resist my urges that are aggravated by society's ad campaigns, both for and against. Urges that seem to be brought to a head whenever watching a movie that features cigarette smoke-filled conversations.


Cigarettes are bad for your health and make hookers "taste like cigarettes".

These are the same reasons I don't do double flips.

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