Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HYPE Williams

As stated previously, the White Bread camp has been working on a video (just as everyone else is 'working on a video'). However, this video has gone through several incarnations before the version that is nestled mostly completed on my hard-drive was realized. Here's a list of fun little facts about the video that would eventually become Secret Society.

- Originally, Secret Society was to be coined 'Aight Chill Two'. Other titles suggested included 'Aight Chill Two: Back in Action', 'Aight Chill Two: Secrets of the Ooze', 'Thanks For Nothing', and a title The Mayor had that he promptly forgot.

- The first tricks filmed specifically for this video were filmed in Livonia by Jimmy Leater and Allen Dillard, two days after the premiere date of the original Aight Chill.

- A majority of the people who took part in the making of Aight Chill have at least some footage in Secret Society.

- People originally slated to have parts in AC2 (as it was then called) included Kenny Diehl, Justin Pearson, Jordan Pappas, Jimmy Lester, Ian Rye, Josh Lewis, and Joey Martinez. For whatever reason, these plans didn't work out.

- The Mayor was offered a part in Aight Chill, but turned it down, as he disliked filming. He now has a full part in Secret Society. Schendel is not the only one to find this ironic.

- Originally not supposed to be a mostly Detroit video, these plans changed once I finally fell in love with the city.

- Three Canon GL2s were used in the making of what would become Secret Society. The first was stolen (with a tape of amazing footage nestled in it), the second is sitting in my room, awaiting repair due to the tape deck locking shut. The third was a very cheaply bought replacement.

- The day after the first GL2 was stolen, the Aight Chill camera was brought back, and the members embarked on a day of refilming 'the good shit' at bad spots. This angered The Greek.

More facts to come.

Oh! Also. The premiere will be at the streets skatepark, on no skateboarding day. This is because the day after Wild in the Streets, Woodward and the surrounding areas WILL be a bust. Think this through, gentlemen. That and the supposed fund raiser for a skatepark in the city will be the end of a majority of the bust free spots in the city limits.

6/22 9pm. Be there.

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