Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Thaaaangs

With the advent of the Internet becoming a 'thing' in the mid 1990's, this generation of late teens to twenty-somethings are the last generation of skateboarders who remember a time before Internet pirating of skate videos. When I first started in the winter of 2002, there was almost NO way to see the newest videos without having a friend who had it, or forking out some cash for a VHS. Near the end of that situation, you could get on Kazaa (Remember that, guys?) and search "[sV]" and look at all four videos that would come up (In Bloom, Yeah Right, Sorry, and PJ Ladds Wonderful Horrible Life. Substitute Guilty with one of these if you got lucky). About two hours later, you'd get a shitty, low-res variant of whatever video you wanted, complete with a commercial beforehand, probably containing some Jerry Hsu clip.

I still remember the advent of YouTube in late 2005. In the early days, you couldn't find too much skateboarding on there. My associate from Atlanta was actually one of the first people to upload skate videos to YouTube.

Now, we live in a strange society, where companies have taken notice of the fact that people aren't buying skatevideos anymore, and full length videos are released on iTunes, and barely in a physical copy. Mark my words, the upcoming Girl/Chocolate video will be the last major skate video to be released on DVD.

With all that aside, here it is. Secret Society in its entirety. Enjoy a year and a half of work.

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