Monday, July 9, 2012

Since the premiere, Reed Morris has been skating sporadically, and has learned at least three maneuvers. To let all of you who have seen the video know, we will take you to the secret downriver hill bomb of death Reed attempted.

We found two spots recently. Thanks go out to Robert Gutowski for figuring out where that one thing at that one spot goes, and thanks go out to the older god Justin Bohl for somehow giving us the cross street to a spot HE HAD NEVER BEEN TO. That is resourcefulness, ladies and gentlemen.

Scott got a line and might end up on the Detroit version of WORLDSTARHIPHOP, after he got sponsored by Cintron.

Matt Bentley and montage mainstays Jordan Pappas and Ian Rye went hard in the paint over a recent trip to Toledo. Footage soon.

Allen Dillard learned smith grinds.

Mike Hale still skateboards, and so does Zack White, one of the original QOTD recipients.

Brad Smith has been skating street in Detroit with us, but don't tell his parents.

And finally, just letting you guys all know that it is Ryan Schendels personal mission to be followed by Joe Rogan.

Skating with a sunburned back will be horrible tomorrow night.

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