Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pretty Sweet

It has become common place for videos to take over two years to produce. This, of course, is due to the time needed to produce three and a half minutes of good footage... That is, three and a half minutes worth of two second maneuvers that have never been done before. For a group of friends, this is seen as an anomaly. We pushed forward the date for Secret Society due to the fact that we were in the process of making everything useable a year ago unusable. The pros of a major company doing this are obvious: professional skateboard riders may film one 'useable' trick a month. The standards are simply too high for there to be any longevity. People may film two video parts in their time in the limelight over a span of ten years. Pretty sweet was rumored to have been in production directly after fully flared wrapped.

Intro: seriously LONG. Seems more like a commercial for a product for the major public. Computer graphics have no place in skateboarding.

Vincent Alvarez: dope. Biebel is already MVP due to an appearance for no reason on Dorothy's bike.

Corey Kennedy: I went into this part thinking I would hate it, and as much as it pains me to say it, homie has dope maneuvers on film here, to a song my girlfriend would like. Ian Ryes favorite part. Biebel is MVP again due to a cameo with a tire. Corey Kennedy does tricks that start with "nollie 360 heel flip to..." And they somehow don't seem disgusting.
Note: two parts in and it is 17 minutes long.

Skit number one: painfully awkward ode to Owen Wilson's totally not awkward appearance in yeah right. Fuck.

Raven Tershy: SICK. FUCKING. SHIT. Looks like Krooked Khronicles era Wastell at times. Simplicity isn't bad. Its very hard to show how fast someone is killing it in super slow HD. No Biebel and its still amazing.

Mike Mo skates to another song that is/was/will be in a Fortune 500 company commercial. Perhaps fitz and the tantrums will win a Grammy for best album in the next five years? YouTube hero tricks will become in vogue because of this part. No Biebel appearance.

Jeron and Biebel skate to fucking tupac back. The pre skate part.

Ode to Klein and Heath to Motown? Sick. Carroll pissing in bushes.

Another awkward intro.

Kenny Anderson does the most beautiful tricks while looking like he's cruising to the store for a slushie. Chris Roberts is a favorite of mine, and has about as much footage as you would expect, but it's all smooth. Daniel Castillo, too. Justin Eldridge has another shared part, and does cool things. Gino has the best style in the video (Ronnie Creager screamin' BUCKET CAP BACK)and does a curb favorite on a real ledge.

Stevie Perez skates to a song that would fit in the first Chocolate video and skates the way I wish I could.

Alex Olson/Carroll/Brian Anderson/McCrank : G shit throughout. Brian Anderson should be paying Kyle Thompson royalties, Carroll filmed some cool shit, and McCrank's face is on the screen longer than his skateboard.

Jesus Fernandez does fucking video game tricks. Does not compute. Chico Brenes does cool things

Elijah Berel: was on the fence about this dude, but he rips everything in his path.

Skit 3: AWKWARD AS FUCK. Could be because I highly dislike Jack Black.

MJ: Changing my mind. This song would be my lady's favorite. This part could be the very best, trick for trick, in my opinion. It's a well thought out return to Modus Operandi era MJ, that is, he gets super technical without relying on ledge dancing.

Sean Malto: about what you'd expect. Skates to a song you would likely hear inside PacSun. I think Koston is in there.

Guy Mariano: skates to the absolute worst song in a skate video in recent memory. Would it be too much to ask for the dude to not skate to a song alluding to his drug addled past? He does RIDICULOUS tricks. SOTY 12.

If this video were done by Meza, it would have been better. It's worth the purchase, however, as there is good skating hidden in the horrible editing and (mostly) horrible song choices.
What DOES stoke me out is the abundance of post trick homie cheers. This has been conspicuously absent in recent years. It's about time a huge production didnt take itself so damn seriously.

The Vespa from mouse makes an appearance. Biebel is still MVP in the credits due to a clip of him willingly getting tazed.

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