Sunday, December 23, 2012

White Bread Christmas #2

The skate gods have answered the prayers. Our little corner of the world has again been blessed with an as of yet mild winter, complete with an almost unbelievable lack of snowfall, just like last year. It's completely plausible to believe that in the last two years, there has not been one single snow day offered.
However, the author of this pre-video write up has not been able to actually skate to his ability since the day after Black Friday, therefore, there was significantly fewer sessions going down in the city this year, compared to last year.

Sorry this years Christmas montage isn't as cool as last years. Fortunately, there IS still a Christmas montage.

There just isn't any Ian Rye, Schendel, or Hayden footage this year.

Enjoy, and merry Christmas.

PS: Ryan really should have skated to Hurry, due to the abundance of 'ooo' in the song.

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