Monday, September 23, 2013

White Bread Interview No. 4

Ivan Afanasyev

Portrait --- Williams
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The first time I met Ivan, I was meeting up with a huge group of people that I had never really skated with, and he was one of them. At a certain point in the day, everyone left the spot to go get drinks besides me and Ivan. Normally, I would be expecting it to be kind of awkward. But it already seemed like I had been skating with Ivan for years. That really sums up how I feel about the kid. He's a good guy, and I feel like I've been friends with him for way longer than I actually have been. Thank god the Cold War is over so we can be friends.
Ps Ivan --- America won.
-Allen Dillard
"In the area I grew up in, no one skated."

Wallride --- photo : Martinez
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I was always attracted to skateboards as a kid, but in the area where I grew up, no one skated. I never ended up getting my first board till I was fourteen years old. It was shorty after my visit to Louisville, Kentucky, where I saw skateboarding in real life for the first time.
"I was never really into skate videos for some reason..."

Ollie --- Photo : Martinez
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"...I was always more stoked to skate when I saw my friends do something sick."
My first board was a shitty complete from Toys 'R' Us that I got for my birthday, but, I was still really stoked on it, and started trying to learn ollies in my drive way. A few days after that, I met Joey Martinez, Scott Bankey, and Cory Hagelstein and started skating with them. They introduced me to Eric and the whole Refuge crew.
"All of us would feed off each other's energy..."

Backside Feeble --- photo : Martinez
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We were really young then, and skated all day every day, but now that we are older and have other shit going on in our lives, we dont get to skate as often as back then. When we do skate, we have a great time. I was never really into skate videos for some reason everyone would watch them and get stoked to skate and I never really got that, I was always more stoked and pummped to skate when I saw my friends do something sick... That always got me hyped.
"Skateboarding made me the person I am today."

Melon --- Photo : Martinez
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All of us would always feed of each others energy, and we were always pushing each other to skate better. Even now when I skate with my friends, I am always excited to see how they all progressed. Skateboarding made me the person I am today. Without it, I would have never met the awsome people I am friends with now, and I would have never been as happy as I am today. Skateboarding will be a part of my life in one way or another and that will never change.
"I was always attracted to skateboards as a kid."

Tail slide --- Photo : Williams
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Ivan rides for American Antique Skateboards and Weird Feet Clothing. He's also currently filming for Recess, which should be out sometime before the end of the year, and Babanga, out winter 2079.

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