Tuesday, September 24, 2013

White Bread Interview No. 5

Matt Bentley

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The first time I met Matt Bentley, he was hurt at Elizabeth. He went skating with his homies, and was sitting on the bench at the park in a leg cast, watching and being the cheerleader. That memory of Matt has stuck with me throughout our entire friendship. He's always around skating, whether he can actually skate or not, and his energy is infectious. He's one of my favorite people to skate with, as he will energize you to skate as much as drinking an energy drink will. He's been in my first two 'real' skate-videos, and he's gonna be in my third. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Bentley.
-Allen Dillard

"I thought it was the fucking illest thing I ever bought."

Frontside 5-0 Grind --- Photo : Garland
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Man... I picked up a skateboard back in 2003. My neighbor across the street sold me a beat up Mini-Logo complete with thrashed Independent trucks and some Spitfire Wheels for 5 bucks. I thought it was the fucking illest thing I ever bought. From the day I bought that board on, I was out everyday skating, mobbing deep with a bunch of neighborhood kids. We were always exploring and finding shit to skate all over Downriver.

We were always exploring...

Backside Tailslide --- Photo : Lester.
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On sundays, we'd catch the 125 downtown and skate the city. Security was always low on sundays, but we would be skating so far from home with no money and nothing to drink. Hell, sometimes we would be starving, but I would jus push through it. Like watching lance mountain shred the pink motel bowl... Just a shit eating festival, then, BOOM, over the diving board.

"On sundays, we'd catch the 125 downtown and skate the city."

Backside Noseslide --- Photo : Lester.
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Hey but that just how I do it.
Skateboarding has changed a lot over the years. It has from techniques and styles, from the upcomming kids throwing down shit that have never even been seen, but not with me. Yeah, maybe I don't wear nss shoes anymore. Maybe I don't have a Wyandotte hoodie on anymore, but its still me skating.

"I wouldn't know what to do without my piece of wood."

Ollie --- Photo : Lester
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For 11 years have I been skating and have had multiple shut downs that have scared me. I wouldn't know what to do without my peice of wood.

Matt Bentley just recently had surgery on his wrist. He will be back filming for Babanga before you know it.

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